What's this?

I'm archiving music made for PC using the Yamaha OPL2 / OPL3 synthesizer chips (utilized via sound cards such as the AdLib, Sound Blaster, etc). Other sites are doing a good job taking care of game music, so I am working on music outside of games -- from the demoscene, original compositions in trackers, covers, and the likes. There is a lot of this content out there, undocumented, and in varying file formats. This archive aims to bring all this music together in a common location and file format.

How do I play these?

These files are direct logs of playback in the VGM format, allowing preservation of the songs in their original hardware format. The primary way to play them is using VGMPlay or the in_vgm Winamp/XMPlay plugin, available on vgmrips, here. For a more exhaustive list of players, check out this page.

Emulated playback isn't as good as the real thing! I want the genuine product!

Fear not! If you would like to play these on your real OPL chip, SBVGM is available to play them on almost any PC compatible with a Sound Blaster or AdLib. If you're on Windows 95 or above, VGMPlay, the official VGM player, also supports direct hardware access.

Why don't some of these files have proper filenames, titles or other metadata?

Remember that these hail from the days of MS-DOS and 8.3 filenames. If the author didn't put any data in the file itself, I don't have much to go on. In addition, some files originate from countries whose languages I don't speak. If you have more info on a song, or would like to submit a correction, please contact me (below)!

I have a file I would like to submit!

Sweet! I'm open to any old files I might not have, or your new compositions! Please send them to me at kyle@wafflenet.com. While I'd prefer an already tagged and trimmed VGM file, you can send me something in its original format too... it'll just take longer for me to add since I'll have to convert it first.